Excerpt of the general terms of sale



For all complaints, we have to be informed within 24 hours after delivery.

A consignment by the purchaser of the residue content of the delivery to which this invoice refers is only acceptable if, when samples are taken for analysis by a recognised laboratory, an identifiable sample from the same share is made available for counter-analysis.



All bills are due within 30 days on receipt of the invoice.

A 30 day extension of payment from the date of the invoice might be granted only by means of a special written permission.

Any delay in payment will give cause to - without having to send a reminder.

a. an agreed 12 % compensation on the amount of the invoice with a minimum of 150 Euro.
b. as well as a 12 % interest of default per year as from the mailing of the invoice, in accordance with article 1152 of the civil code.
c. all relevant collection charges are to be paid by the debtor, as far as they are transparent and in proportion to the debt.

To settle possible differences between the seller and the buyer only the Leuven courts are competent.



National and international transport take place according to the stipulations of the C.M.R.

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